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About Brad

Brad Forenza is the writer/creator of Around the Sun, an award-winning, episodic audio drama.

Brad's generative work typically fuses observational humor, existential contemplation, and social impact. His films include Awakening Arlene, Breaking Points, and The Lady Yang. His plays, which include The Rehearsal, Sinkhole, and Squeaky, have been presented on both coasts and off-Broadway.


Brad is also the author of many articles, editorials, and speeches... having written, directly or indirectly, for all three members of the 42nd First Family (and even a few tree dedications). His anthology publications include: The Public Figure Songbook (a concept album), Reagan Babies (personal essays), Long Ways Home (plays in one act), and Vignettes (source material for the episodes comprising Around the Sun). 

Since many of Brad's original projects extend beyond the written word, he is also a producer of various media, selections of which are accessible via Brad's Linktree.

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