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Hello and welcome to! Around the Sun is an episodic audio drama / anthology radio play series, created by me, Brad Forenza.


The seeds for Around the Sun were sown in "new play" development circles in and around NYC, throughout the decade preceding Pandemic. Then, the isolation of Pandemic (Who am I? WTF am I doing here?) forced me to reflect on what I wanted from life, and where God (however defined) lived in my work.

So here you have it: the flower that bloomed amidst the destruction (with a lot of elbow grease). Around the Sun is a testament to every single soul who helped breathe life into these pieces. It's also a dedication to those lost along the way.

If I understood anything from Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George, it was that art - like academia, civics, and most things I love - is about saying something fresh and novel in spite of risk. So here it is: our modest home in cyberspace

We all wear many hats... thanks for sampling some of mine. Please pay it forward! ~BF

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